Google’s Generative AI Project Bard to Take Center Stage at This Year’s I/O

On Wednesday at the annual Google I/O developers’ conference, don’t be shocked if Bard. A conversational chatbot akin to ChatGPT, commands all the attention before CEO Sundar Pichai takes the […]

Cognizant CEO Ravi Kumar Doubles Down on Generative AI Investment

Cognizant, a US-based software exporter, is working to accelerate its consulting, design, engineering, and operations with the use of generative AI. The goal is to double the productivity of the […]

Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing is now open for all

Microsoft Announces Open Preview of AI-Powered Bing Search Engine Microsoft has announced that the new AI-powered Bing search engine is now available in open preview and no longer has a […]

After receiving a complaint about alleged data collection by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Canada has initiated an investigation into the matter.

Canada’s Office of the Privacy Commissioner has opened an investigation into OpenAI, the US-based software firm behind the popular AI chatbot ChatGPT. The move comes in response to a complaint […]

“Microsoft’s Latest Fix Addresses ‘aCropalypse’ Bug Allowing Access to Sensitive Data from Cropped Screenshots”

Microsoft has issued an emergency update for Windows to address a privacy-threatening bug known as the “aCropalypse”. This vulnerability allowed details that were cropped out of images using the Windows […]