“Microsoft’s Latest Fix Addresses ‘aCropalypse’ Bug Allowing Access to Sensitive Data from Cropped Screenshots”

Microsoft has issued an emergency update for Windows to address a privacy-threatening bug known as the “aCropalypse”. This vulnerability allowed details that were cropped out of images using the Windows […]

CloudSEK reports that cybercriminals are exploiting the popularity of ChatGPT to disseminate malware through Facebook accounts.

Cybercriminals are leveraging the growing popularity of ChatGPT to disseminate malware through hijacked Facebook accounts, according to a report by cyber intelligence firm CloudSEK. The investigation found 13 Facebook pages […]

The AI-driven Bing chatbot created by Microsoft is now accessible without any waiting list.

Microsoft has announced that its latest search engine, powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 language model, is now available for preview to everyone. To access the new Bing, users can go to […]

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has announced a second round of job cuts that will see 10,000 employees laid off.

On Tuesday, Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook. Announced its plan to lay off 10,000 employees, marking the second round of mass layoffs in just four months. Notably, the […]

Can OpenAI’s newest language model, GPT-4, surpass its predecessor GPT-3.5 in terms of intelligence and performance?

OpenAI has launched GPT-4, its latest language model that powers Microsoft’s Bing search engine and other third-party apps. OpenAI claims that GPT-4 surpasses its predecessors, including GPT-3.5, in terms of […]

Grammarly is set to release a writing assistant called GrammarlyGo, powered by AI similar to ChatGPT.

Grammarly is a popular writing assistant that helps users fix grammar, spelling mistakes, punctuation, and detect plagiarism. The tool offers various features to improve writing, including setting tone, increasing engagement, […]

GM is exploring the integration of ChatGPT into their vehicles for potential use.

General Motors (GM) is collaborating with Microsoft Corp to explore the potential uses of ChatGPT in their vehicles, according to a GM executive. In a recent interview, GM Vice President […]

Netflix Introduces Customizable TV Subtitles for Improved Readability

Netflix has recently announced a range of new features to improve the customisation of subtitles on their platform. Users will be able to modify the appearance of subtitles, such as […]