“Microsoft’s Latest Fix Addresses ‘aCropalypse’ Bug Allowing Access to Sensitive Data from Cropped Screenshots”

Microsoft has issued an emergency update for Windows to address a privacy-threatening bug known as the “aCropalypse”. This vulnerability allowed details that were cropped out of images using the Windows screenshot tool to be retrieved by anyone. Information that was at risk included sensitive data such as bank card details, medical records, phone numbers, and social security information.

The bug was initially identified on Pixel smartphones, where it was dubbed “aCropalypse”. Researchers later discovered a similar flaw in the Windows screenshot tool, prompting Microsoft to release a fix for the operating system. Users are advised to install the update immediately to avoid the disclosure of any personal information.

To install the fix, Windows users must visit the Microsoft Store and select “Get Updates” in the Library section. This is not the first time such a vulnerability has been found in a widely used tool, as the Google Pixel phones have encountered a similar issue in the past.

It is worth noting that Microsoft acted swiftly in addressing the bug. In February, the company introduced a major update for Windows 11, integrating the new AI-powered Bing search engine with the Windows 11 taskbar.

Furthermore, Microsoft is making headway in the Web3 sector by testing support for a crypto wallet on its Edge browser. This wallet has been built on the Ethereum blockchain and is expected to be integrated into Edge in a future update. Users will be able to store and hold Ether tokens and other Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies in the digital wallet.

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