Cognizant CEO Ravi Kumar Doubles Down on Generative AI Investment

Cognizant, a US-based software exporter, is working to accelerate its consulting, design, engineering, and operations with the use of generative AI. The goal is to double the productivity of the company’s associates.

In his first post-earnings call, CEO Ravi Kumar said that Cognizant was accelerating its investment in generative AI. He highlighted the AI accelerator process. Which uses studio environments to collaborate with clients to identify priority AI use cases and implement prototype solutions for field testing.

Kumar also mentioned that last month. Cognizant launched neuro IT operations, a platform that brings new levels of automation and intelligence to applications and infrastructure operations. By applying an AI-led automation-first approach, the company is enabling enterprises to innovate faster and drive down cost and risk.

The CEO believes that generative AI will revolutionize the technology services industry. Creating higher rates of productivity and driving greater prominence for software and data engineering expertise. The company has conducted ideation sessions with over 30 clients and is working to industrialize solutions to their common challenges.

Kumar added that enacting new IT operations can reduce operational costs by 25% to 45%. Reduce mean time to delivery and mean time to detect by 30% to 50%, and reduce FTEs by 15% to 30% compared with the use of traditional approaches.

The company has also introduced a new cloud platform called Cognizant Skygrade, as the cloud is the biggest transformational opportunity across every industry. Skygrade can accelerate migration and modernization programs by shortening transformation time by 20% to 40%. Resulting in faster value realization while reducing ongoing run and governance costs by 15% to 25%.

With the increasing trend of generative AI, Cognizant’s investment in this technology is a step in the right direction. The implementation of AI-led automation in its. IT operations is an intelligent move that will make the company more productive while providing cost-efficient solutions to its clients. The launch of Cognizant Skygrade shows the company’s commitment to the cloud as the biggest transformational opportunity across all industries. It is a positive sign that Cognizant is looking towards the future and investing in new technology to stay ahead of the game.

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