Netflix Introduces Customizable TV Subtitles for Improved Readability

Netflix has recently announced a range of new features to improve the customisation of subtitles on their platform. Users will be able to modify the appearance of subtitles, such as the size and style of text, and select from three new style options with contrasting backgrounds. These features were previously available only for web users, but are now accessible worldwide, including for TV viewers.

The new subtitle customisation options will enhance readability for all users, but they will have particular benefits for viewers with hearing impairments and cognitive disorders. Improving the text of subtitles and closed captions is likely to enhance the focus of individuals with cognitive disorders.As Netflix has seen a steady rise in its TV viewership, this update will benefit a large number of users.

Since 2018, Netflix has recorded an increasing number of TV viewers, with reports indicating that 70% of their viewership came from TV at that time. This update, therefore, comes at an opportune time, as it offers more accessible and personalised features to an ever-growing audience. With Netflix’s latest subtitle features, users can tailor their viewing experience to their individual needs, and this will no doubt enhance the enjoyment of their streaming experience.

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