Grammarly is set to release a writing assistant called GrammarlyGo, powered by AI similar to ChatGPT.

Grammarly is a popular writing assistant that helps users fix grammar, spelling mistakes, punctuation, and detect plagiarism. The tool offers various features to improve writing, including setting tone, increasing engagement, and using context-specific language.

In a recent blog post, Grammarly announced the upcoming release of a new writing assistant called GrammarlyGo. Powered by generative AI, GrammarlyGo is a contextually aware assistant that can generate new content or help revise existing text. Similar to ChatGPT, it can assist with writing emails or documents.

GrammarlyGo offers various functions that allow users to rewrite text for tone, length, and clarity or generate new content from prompts. Additionally, the AI assistant can identify a user’s writing style, set a preferred voice, and support professional roles. The tool can help save time on revisions and focus on more important tasks.

Various platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Chrome, will support GrammarlyGo, and users can utilize the writing assistant with popular services like Gmail, Google Docs, LinkedIn, Microsoft Word, and Medium. Grammarly plans to launch the writing assistant in April for its Premium, Business, Education, and Free customers.

However, it will only be available to users in select countries, with a wider rollout expected in the future.

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